Many business people refer to the S-curve as an acceptable norm. (She S-curve Shape).

The S-curve suggests that businesses would naturally go through a process of growth but would then experience decline and depression resulting into a need to reinvent themselves.

This talk offers a different perspective.  What if the S-curve was not accepted as the norm, what would the mindset and business approach need to be? 

The essence of this talk is to raise responsibility and deliberate awareness of employees or leaders toward the organization and to remind them of their performance commitments to the organization.

The following is discussed in greater depth:

  1. Move from Passion and to becoming Obsessed with something (the ONE big thing) that is most critical in the organization. For example, Customer Service or Innovation or Employee Wellness.
  2. Move from dialogue focused on Problem Solving to deliberate Creative Design where focus is placed on creating the future and being proactive.
  3. Move from spending most time in Meetings to Strategic Execution and measure this time invested
  4. Move from the emphasis on Vision to a greater emphasis on Results
  5. Move from a culture of Tolerance to a culture of Accountability where it is clear what simply will not be tolerated in the business.