Life would have no meaning unless it is saturated with a variety of experiences that include the whole spectrum of emotions, observations and insights.  The more awakened a person is and the more they allow life to flow through them, the more they stand to gain from these moments.

Being in the outdoors has a way to invite us into the depths of meaningful lessons.  It is as if we can turn our inner beings upside down and inside out when we connect with nature.  It is as though nature holds the mirror of the past, present and future and if we listen carefully, it would unfold many secrets and insights.

The summit of any mountain has such a significant impact on its climber.

Having reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro has led the speaker to real life lessons that are applicable to our journeys of life and ultimately finding our leadership strengths within.  The talk serves as a metaphor of our life journey with personal photographs that are translated into valuable lessons.

Some of the lessons that are shared in a meaningful way:

  • We often start with enthusiasm but the challenge is to finish with enthusiasm
  • Never under-estimate your mountain
  • Mountains are intimidating when it is looked at from a distance. The secret is to engage
  • We are all part of a process of ‘becoming…’
  • Don’t lower your mountain. Raise yourself
  • Listen to the right voices
  • Be a worthy student of life
  • Ultimate mountains forge ultimate commitments
  • Learn to travel light
  • When it is time to only take one more step…
  • The power of hope
  • Respect your mountains
  • Acknowledge those who were part of your success