This talk has a surprise element to it.  After introductions, the speaker would enter into a general discussion about ‘quality management’ and how quality is perceived. The talk then transforms into a high-energy performance of a dance whilst cupcakes are served to the audience.

The outcome of this performance is a search of what ‘quality’ looks, feels and tastes like by leading the audience into a discussion around the following aspects:

Vision / Ideas Being a visionary and being able to conceptualize the future
Skills Having the necessary skills set to perform a task
Methods The science of following procedures
Ingredients The internal make-up of people – refer to their inner being, desires, thoughts and actions that become a ‘mixture’ of themselves
The environment The purpose of affliction or difficulty
Time out Importance of ‘resting’ or balancing self
Presentation How we present ourselves to the world around us and why we should care what other people think
Quality When is something quality