The psychology of winning is discussed, followed by critical factors that add to this extraordinary outcome.


To stir up, stimulate, revive, arouse, activate, enliven, galvanize.  To succeed in life or business, we need to waken to our inner purpose and reason for existence.  Once we discover that, we know where to focus our attention and ensure excellence.  This will enliven and galvanize others.

 Wow factor

Find that differentiating ‘something’ that makes people / clients go ‘wow’.


No person or business can be competitive unless they are aware of their environment or educated / knowledgeable about their offering.  Motivate self and others to be well-read, conversant, well-grounded, cognizant and well-versed.  Being well-informed makes a person / team more watchful and more vigilant.


Any team who has wit, has a gift.  Wit adds humour and smart judgement which enables discernment and practical intelligence.


Words used to describe the term ‘wonderful’ are excellent, great, brilliant, outstanding, smashing, superb, fantastic, tremendous, magnificent, fabulous, marvelous, terrific, sensational, sovereign, awesome, admirable, super, stupendous, out of this world, remarkable, incredible, staggering, peculiar, phenomenal, miraculous, awe-inspiring.  Imagine being described this way…


Having drive, self-control and determination or grit to do what needs to be done or having strong resolution or single-mindedness to accomplish certain goals.  Having willpower refers to a firmness of purpose or strength of will.


It is through understanding, intelligence and insight that we can become enlightened.  This enables wise choices or the ability to cope with the realities of life.