Without purpose, most people spiral into a mode of merely existing.  Purpose is what gives clarity of mind and enables a person to say ‘yes’ to the right things in life.  During this talk, people are reminded of the power of the importance of Living a meaningful life.  Five principles are shared and discussed that serve as pillars of success:

A             –              Attitude of Gratitude

P             –              Purposeful thought

P             –              Passion makes you Persevere

L              –              Laugh some more

E              –              Excellence promotes

Each of the above pillars are unpacked in more depth through the use of quotations, story-telling, practical examples, providing a rational and solid reasoning regarding the impact of these pillars as well as the absence or opposite thereof namely living with discontentment, meaninglessness and how that could pull a person into a spiral of self-doubt, the tendency to just give up or seeing no reason to invest personal energy, how stress could impact a person’s health and ability to perform as well as convincing yourself that ‘average’ is good enough….

The message of this talk is:

“An APPLE a day will keep you from going astray…”